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Ugly/Pretty Poem

This last month I’ve been posting three times a day on my Dovetail Counselling Service social media. This has involved a lot of research to find articles and inspirational/motivational items to post. So many things have been emotive, informative, and struck home with me. But this is the poem that I have found most powerful.

There’s that inner voice in our head that says so much to us, the negative and not at all helpful knocking our self esteem and worth. I’m sure I’m like the majority of us (especially women) where there’s a battle with those voices in your head. The one that tells you you’re hopeless, useless and definitely not good enough, the other one that tells you you’re ok, good enough and worthy.

This brilliantly poem written by Abdullah Shoaib can be read both ways, and both messages are so incredibly powerful.

So which way are you going to choose to read it to yourself? This poem is a powerful reminder that while we can struggle with self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness, it is never too late to turn back and see how beautiful and deserving of love each and every one of us are. You, and I, deserve love and happiness. Let no one tell us otherwise… especially ourselves.

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