Pre-Counselling Form and Information

If you have booked a counselling appointment with me please complete this form before our first session together. (If you are completing this on a mobile device, you press send,

and your entries disappear, the form has sent). I will email you to confirm I have received it. Thank you.

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Counselling Information

Dovetail Counselling Service is at 6 Stafford Road, NP26 5DE. There is street parking. Entry is via the door on the garage (there is a sign saying 'Dovetail Counselling Service', and a bell for you to ring).


There is no waiting area so please arrive at your appointment time.

At our first session I will ask you to sign the following counselling contract -


Counselling Contract


I aim to give the best possible service to my clients.  The contract below sets out my commitment to you, and in return what I would consider to be your responsibility. 

I will:

  • Work to the BACP Ethical Framework for Counsellors. 

  • Be clinically supervised to ensure safe practice at all times.

  • Treat you with respect and without judgement.

  • Treat the work with confidentiality. Confidentiality will only be broken, with or without your permission, in the event of disclosure of abuse of children, other vulnerable people, serious criminal offences, or harm to self or others. There is also a duty to disclose acts of terrorism, under the terrorism act.

  • Make a commitment to you to attend every session, and to advise you in good time if this is not possible, for unforeseen reasons.

  • Meet with you at a time, day and venue agreed. 

  • Ensure the venue will be a safe place for us to discuss your issues


You will:

  • After the first session if you decide you would like to continue with counselling then I ask you make a commitment to attend regularly, in order for you to get the most from your therapy. This might be weekly, or fortnightly.

  • Inform me if you are unable to attend (less than 48 hours’ notice full fees apply).

  • Agree to engage in the process, being open and honest.

  • Agree a planned ending to the work with myself.  If you take the decision to end counselling prematurely I will respect your wishes, but would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you.

  • Agree not to be under the influence of substances.



Each session is booked for 50 minutes and at present costs £45. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, cash, debit or credit card.


Payment is required 72 hours before your appointment. If I haven’t received payment by then I will assume you no longer require the appointment, and it will be made available for someone else to book. 

Once you have paid if you need to cancel or rearrange if 48 hours’ notice of the appointment time is given I will refund your money for a cancelled appointment, or transfer the payment to a rearranged appointment. 


My fees are reviewed annually and I will give you four weeks’ notice in advance if I am increasing them.  


Zoom or WhatsApp Video Counselling

If you are unable to attend my premises due to severe weather conditions, ie snow or flooding, travel difficulties, contagious illness (eg Covid) I am able to offer the alternative of counselling via Zoom, WhatsApp video or a telephone call. All video sessions are fully encrypted and GDPR compliant, meaning anything we discuss remains entirely safe and confidential.


Privacy Notice

​You will have been given a privacy notice with this contract at our first session. This sets out how I manage and safeguard your data and the notes I take.

Covid-19 Agreement

As long as Covid-19 remains an active public health threat I will be taking all reasonable measures to comply with government regulations to be a Covid-secure practice. With the use of face coverings on arriving and leaving my practice, a protective perspex screen and maintaining extra cleaning and procedures to prevent possible transmission from objects or surfaces.

If you feel that counselling via WhatsApp or Zoom virtual or telephone call isn’t appropriate for you I will undertake face to face sessions if you meet the following requirements - 


  • If you, or someone else in your household, has not had symptoms of a fever, persistent cough and/or loss of taste and smell in the last 10 days. Or you, or someone else, have had symptoms but you have had a negative LFT.

  • If you have not had any contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid, or had symptoms of a fever, persistent cough and/or loss of taste and smell in the last 10 days. If you have had contact that you have had a negative LFT.

  • If you have tested positive for Covid, but it is 10 days since your last symptoms, or you have had two daily negative LFTs.



  • Before each session contact surfaces will be sanitised and I will wash my hands.

  • The counselling room will be ventilated.

  • I will ensure the protective perspex screen positioned between us is in place.



  • Please wear a face covering to enter my practice. 

  • Go on into the counselling room and use the hand sanitiser provided on the table next to the chair in the far right hand corner.

  • I will follow, closing all doors.

  • Once we are sat down either on side of the screen the face covering can be removed.



  • With the government guidelines not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth if you do cry please do take some tissues to wipe your eyes, dispose of the tissues in the bin provided and then use some hand sanitiser. I will ensure the bin is emptied safely during sessions.

  • If you need to cough or sneeze please remember to follow the government guidance of doing it into your elbow.

  • I will keep a window open during the session to ensure good ventilation.

  • If possible if you could use a toilet before you arrive. If not then please do use the paper towel provided to dry your hands.


  • On leaving please put your face covering back on, allow me to open the door and leave the counselling room before following me.



  • During our time working together, or up to 2 weeks after our last appointment, if I develop any symptoms, I come into contact with someone who tests positive or I am contacted by the Government’s track and trace system I will notify you myself ASAP, I will not give your details as a contact.

  • I ask that you also please keep me informed if you develop any symptoms, you come into contact with someone who tests positive or you are contacted by the Government’s track and trace system.

  • If either of us needs to self-isolate then we have the option to use online or telephone  counselling, or temporarily pause the counselling.

Following Welsh Government Coronavirus Regulations. For more information see -