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Counselling for Young People

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I offer counselling for young people aged 15-18 years of age.

Young people are under an enormous amount of pressure at school, home, with friends and social media. This is all usually well managed but if we add parental divorce, illness, abuse, bereavement, sexual identity issues, bullying, relationship issues and anxiety, to name but a few, this becomes overwhelming.


They often retreat to their room, put their head phones in and stop talking. Without the right sort of help they may turn to harmful ways of coping, making the situation even more complicated.

It is often very difficult for a teenager to talk about their difficulties; this can result from not understanding what exactly is happening to them, and therefore not being able to articulate it. My training and experience enables me to help your child open up and talk about what they are thinking and feeling. This could also involve using creative techniques such as sand tray therapy.


I work towards helping your child become more self-aware, leading to better self-care and in the process, learning the language needed in order to talk to those who can help them outside of the counselling room.

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